Your Rolfing® Session

Rolfing sessions are an active partnership between practitioner and client. Sessions include hands-on tissue manipulation using a Rolfing table and work on the floor and bench.

Clients are asked to stand, walk and move, especially before and after the table work. This is to demonstrate the effect of the work, help the client develop proprioceptive skills, and allow me to continuously tailor the sessions.

Classically, Rolfing begins with a basic 10-12 session cycle of treatments (“10 Series”) each concentrating on a specific territory of fascial relations, and building on the preceding ones.  Sessions last 60-70 minutes and optimally occur every one or two weeks.

To begin each session, a structural assessment in standing or walking is done to evaluate the relationships between your body’s segments and how they manifest broader somatic patterns. This means that a low back problem, for example, is not assessed in isolation. Rather, I may understand it with respect to the position of the thorax above, the pelvis beneath, and the grounding supports right down to the arches of your Feet

Changes and shifts typically continue between sessions as your neurological and bony systems adapt to the new information and movement options.  Your attention to these new sensations outside the sessions will serve to orient and deepen the collaboration with your Rolfer. More information about Rolfing can be found on the FAQ page.

Sessions are $150 payable by cash or check.

Cancellations require 24-hour notice except in clear emergency situations. Sessions cancelled with less than 24 hours’ notice are charged at the full rate.

Clients typically dress for sessions in small workout clothes.